April 23, 2019

Uniform Business | Uniform Business Plan | Uniform Manufacturing | Business Plan |

Uniform Business | How to Start a Uniform Business | How to Start a Uniform Manufacturing Business | Uniform Business Plan| Uniform Business Name Ideas |


Uniform is itself a different kind of identity, and its usage automatically shows the purpose of using it. Each stitching business sector gives the identity to the stitch-able products through the colour, style, and name before launching in the market, no matter where and how the item will be utilized.
After the advertising formality through various sources and platforms, the product will become popular, and accordingly, the people will come to know regarding its utilization.

Similarly, the workers who work for a particular manufacturing company or any service providers give them identical identities in which workwear for women, workwear for men, is one example. In another way, it is even called a uniform. Usually, its usage is mandatory while performing any organization’s employment (duty) and it dose implemented during the assigned period.

Furthermore, some of the other stitching sectors like a hospitalpolice, and military-basedhigh school, corporate business are mainly utilizing the uniforms to describe the nature of business and duties. 

The hotel businesses are also counted within the uniform sectors, where most suits, coats, and skirts are used. Every business person and corporate industries also utilizes all these things according to their position or job profiles.

The uniform manufacturing companies do not produce like other large scale garments making companies because these products’ buyers use to place the orders based on their number of employees or team members, which have been seen usually in less quantity.

Mostly, the uniform manufacturer knows this particular sector’s potential and accordingly establishes the business with a few industrial stitching machines and equipment.

Further, you must follow the business plan; through which you will get complete assistance for starting any stitching business or stitching unit.

If you plan for the uniform manufacturing business, decide first whether you like to produce a particular uniform or all kinds of uniforms. 

In the meantime, you will have to figure out an approximate daily or monthly production capacity because the number of sewing machines, equipment, and manufacturing area will be needed accordingly, and it will also influence your budget.                                                                         

The uniform components are shirts, formal pants, polo t-shirt, shorts, pants, and skirts, which play a role in schools, hotels, hospitals, corporate industry, police, military zone.


To start your business journey, you will have to connect with the school sectors to get easy orders for a uniform. After that, you may also focus on corporate and none corporate industries.





Uniform Business | How to Start Uniform Business | How to Start a Uniform Manufacturing Business | Start a Uniform Business | 


Uniforms Categories & Machine Requirements

School Uniforms,   Hotels Uniforms,   Hospital Uniforms,  Corporate Uniforms,  Industrial Uniforms, Police Uniform, Military Uniform,



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Following are the industrial sewing machines and equipment required for the production:

Moreover, while starting a garments stitching unit, you need essential machines and equipment, like fabric, cutting table, vacuum table with iron, fabric cutting machine, and related accessories. 



Types of Clothes & Equipment:



Shirts Long Sleeves, Shirt Short Sleeves  (Different types of sleeves)

If your budget is bothering you, you can start working with a basic industrial stitching machine initially; you may use the basic overlock, single needle, button attach, and buttonholing machine for the shirts. In any way, an advanced sewing machine model can be added whenever needed.


Uniform Business | How to Start Uniform Business | Uniform Manufacturing Business | Start a Uniform Business

Shirt Short Sleeves, Shirts Long Sleeves


                     Machine & Equipment Description:

  1. Single-Needle Lockstitch Machine. Flatbed (Basic/Advanced),
  2. Collar Trimming is a Turning and Blocking Machine. (Basic) Optional
  3. Double-Needle Five Threads Overlock Machine. Flatbed (Basic/Advanced)
  4. Four Needle Shirt Placket Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  5. Single-Needle Chain-Stitch Button Attach Machine. (Basic) Optional
  6. Single Needle Lockstitch Machine with Edge Trimmer. (Basic/Advanced)
  7. Double-Needle Chain Stitch Feed of the Arm Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  8. Single-Needle Lockstitch Button Attach Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  9. Single-Needle Lockstitch Button Holing Machine. (Basic/Advanced)





If you want to produce pants, first decide the pattern style because if it is simple pants, you don’t need to buy initially specialized stitching machines. However, you may also use some of the garments machine’s models for the shirts made. Even, you can utilize most of the stitching machines for multi-purposes.




                    Machine & Equipment Description:

  1. Double-Needle Five Threads Overlock Machine. Flatbed (Basic/Advanced)
  2. Single-Needle Lockstitch Machine. Flatbed (Basic/Advanced),
  3. Blind Stitch Machine for Bottom Heming. (Basic)
  4. Single-Needle Lockstitch Button Attach Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  5. Single-Needle Lockstitch Button Holing Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  6. Single-Needle Bar-tack Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  7. Double-Needle Bottom Cover-stitch Machine for Belt Loop. 
  8. Snap Hook Attach Machine. (Basic/Advanced)





Making skirts is simple if you follow the right sewing machine and equipment. The waistband elastic attached machine is one of them to make the skirts along with other stitching machines, in which you may even apply the snap button attaching machine. Sometimes the different folding plates attachments are used for the design look. You can make any skirt from all the following machines.




                       Machine & Equipment Description:

  1. Single-Needle Lockstitch Machine. Flatbed (Basic/Advanced)
  2. Four-Needle Flatbed Waistband Elastic Attach Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  3. Placket Folder Attachment
  4. Snap Hook Attach Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  5. Double-Needle Four Threads Overlock Machine. (Basic/Advanced)





The coverall makes the procedure a start from the shirt sleeve to the last part of the pants, i.e., the bottom is sewed simultaneously without any break. For this application, the best stitching machine model is a three-needle feed off the arm which uses along with other sewing machines to give the final figure to the coverall.




                       Machine & Equipment Description:

  1. Single-Needle Lockstitch Machine. Flatbed (Basic/Advanced)
  2. Three-Needle Chain Stitch Feed of the Arm Machine with Puller.
  3. Double-Needle Lockstitch Split Bar Machine. (Basic/Advanced) Optional
  4. Double-Needle Lockstitch Fixed Bar Machine. (Basic/Advanced) Optional
  5. Single-Needle Bar-tack Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  6. Snap Button Attach Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  7. Double-Needle Five Threads Overlock Machine. (Basic/Advanced)




To sum up, Uniform Business | How to Start Uniform Business | Uniform Manufacturing Business | Uniform Business Plan. Required all the above machines and equipment and you will have to follow the stitching business plan.

Uniform Business
  1. What machines can I start up a very small advanced company with. Target; shirts, Trouser, African native wears . army uniform e.t.c

    • S.M.Noor Iqbal May 7, 2019 at 4:37 pm

      Thanks for your query
      You need to have some of the advanced machines for all your targeted garment products
      Kindly let me know daily production capacity approximate, then in a couple of days, I will send you a list of machines by email after that you may decide.

  2. Hi, Thanks sharing for this article is very nice .As per my opinion, the uniform is must to wear to maintain the etiquette and ethics.Visit us @ https://www.uniformbucket.com

  3. How much capital we need to start this business

    • By S.M.Noor Iqbal October 12, 2019 at 7:00 am

      It depends upon the product and the estimated daily production capacity. You will have to give us all these details to provide an investment figure.

  4. Good day,

    I’m looking to start a small business making school uniform jerseys and badges for them. What is the best machine for this?

    • By S.M.Noor Iqbal October 17, 2019 at 2:12 pm


      According to your project and budget, you have to get the following machine.

      For Jerseys and Badges.

      • 4 needle waistband attach machine
      • 4 threads overlock machine
      • 3 needle cylinder-bed flatlock machine
      • 3 needle flatlock machine for neck binding with attachment.
      • 4 needle flat-seamer machine. (optional)
      • Multi-needle embroidery machine (Single or Double head machine)
      • T-shirt printing machine.
      • Rib cutting machine
      • Straight knife cutting machine

      Regarding school uniform, you may get the machine’s details in my uniform business article.

      • I have a tailoring shop in vizag and i want stitching orders…. hw and from where can i get orders

        • By S.M.Noor Iqbal November 28, 2019 at 2:36 pm


          First all you have to make plan for marketing, at this moment you can target only school uniform.

          or if you have a expertise in ladies garments than it is much easier to get the orders.

  5. Good day

    We want to venture into manufacturing of the uniform, and therefore need advise as to which machines can we use for startup in our factory.

    Our products
    Tunics(Dresses & Skirts)
    Track Suits

    Thanking you.

    • By S.M.Noor Iqbal February 24, 2020 at 3:18 pm


      According to your project plan, you will have to buy some of the common machines which used in shirt, trousers and other garments. the single needle lockstitch is most common hence you will have to check my website article carefully and find out the exact machine model which can be utilised for the multi-purpose.


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