May 19, 2022

Automatic Polo Placket Machine for T-Shirts for Faster Production

The Best Automatic Polo Placket Machine for T-Shirts.


Automatic Polo Placket Machine for T-Shirts:


The traditional method of making polo shirts is in a factory that requires manual labour and machinery. This can be made more efficient with modern technology. You can use slitting tools followed by a front placket setting, and it saves space and helps you make better decisions.

The new front placket setup and the cutting station combine both these operations. It will improve productivity by increasing the number of products handled at once. Also, it will help to deskill operators by loading panels onto feeding clamps. They are limited by the tasks they have to perform during this entire process.

The machine does both the placket setting task and the center slitting job simultaneously at one station, eliminating any subsequent cutting.


The Conventional Method to Front Placket Setting:

The manual front placket setting operation is a time-consuming, laborious task that requires the operator to handle panels and other pieces of clothing manually.

Using a skilled workforce in this process increases the chances for errors and requires an extra center-cutting operation that must be manually performed.

On average, front placket settings take about 3 minutes, as indicated in Exhibit 1 .1. In comparison, slitting cuts require just over 5 minutes before they’re complete, which means you could potentially lose money if your machine isn’t running at full capacity!


The Expertise Behind Automatic Sleeve Closing:

Atlanta Attachment Company Jack, UZU, and JUITA are some of the most prominent brands in the market. They offer integrated front placket settings as well as center-cutting workstations.

These integrated workstations feature an extended machine table to place and position the body front and the placket panel. The operator then slides the assembly into the sewing position. The machine can be operated automatically using optical sensors or by the operator pressing a foot pedal.




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Automatic Polo Placket Machine for T-Shirts - Best Polo Placket Machine for T-Shirts - Automatic Polo Placket Sewing Machine



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Automatic Polo Placket Machine for T-Shirts – Brands and Model Numbers:



  1. JUKI

The last sewing machine on the list is from Juki, with over 2000 models to choose from. Juki started as a quiet brand that organically grew into a manufacturing empire in 1973. As a result, the brand diversified into producing equipment from core spare parts

Today, Juki delivers the most credible and reliable sewing machine. Their parent surface mount technology is tough to bear. With its network spread over 180 countries, Juki does not intend to slow down. It continuously promotes innovation and technology-based tools.

Juki has learned from its shortcomings by studying the sewing machine methodology. Their primary aim is to provide optimal-performing machines with multiple assistive features. Productivity, assembly line flow and deskilling bestow sewing machine knowledge onto the user.

The brand is highly proud of its sewing machine technology with its 4.0 Smart Factory compliances. Juki regularly invests in digital sewing research to stay ahead of its competitors. One of its products is the Juki AMS 221ENSS3020 72001764, and here is everything you need to know about it:


AMS 221ENSS3020 72001764 Features

  • The computer-controlled cycle machine with input function (Polo shirts placket device) can place a shirt’s placket on its body while the sewing process occurs. This means higher productivity can be achieved using one machine, as it will automatically do all of this work!
  • The V shape stitch and dimple depression are also created automatically – reducing even more manual labor for you or your employees when done manually.
  • The polo chair has an automatic feature that sews small gaps between buttons, like inexpensive custom-fitting workshops.
  • The machine is a one-stop solution for all your packaging needs. It can produce 4 times as many pieces with just the same amount of input material, plus it’s easy on time since each process only takes 21 seconds!
  • The automatic sewing machine can make V-shaped stitches and dimples with less effort than if you were to do it yourself.




Technology has been successfully demonstrated to improve productivity and enhance workforce utilization for front placket setting and slit cutting operations.

An automatic polo placket machine for t-shirts in deskilling the job by minimizing human intervention is also shown here through this example of how it can be used as a tool that helps us push our bounds while working efficiently without having too much waste or downtime due simply because there will always already exist an automated system doing its part!

Though the automats are more suitable for bulk manufactured products that offer longer runs, smaller orders can be processed through these machines by designing line plans accordingly.




  1. JACK – JK-5878-58B

JACK considers the brand an “uncontested” leader in the sewing industry. The manufacturer provides reliable equipment with the most modern technology. JACK focuses on providing solution-based products based on technological advancements. Main products include Jack interlock, overlock, and lockstitch machines.

A JK-5878-58B by Jack is an integrated workstation that performs placket set and center slit-making operations simultaneously, sews and slits the panel, and stacks it automatically.

The operator’s job is limited to positioning the placket panels to the machine clamps and positioning the front shirt. Auto feeding assembly moves panels to the sewing position. It is amazing, the machine is programmed by microprocessors and has large display panels for easier operation.

The machine is equipped with a double knife assembly, which guarantees precise cuts.

The machine can accept different sizes of plackets, from small to XXXL. To avoid thread run-outs during machine cycles, the machine is equipped with a needle thread monitor device. The machine’s stacking device automatically stacks panels and allows for easy unloading.

The machine’s productivity is approximately 299 units/hour or 2,388 pieces/shift.


Main Features:

  • Wide Range of Styles

You can choose from various styles for your plackets, both men’s and women’s.

  • Smart Touch Screen

It is easy to set parameters using the large touch panel. The large-icon display prevents eye strain, so you can sew for an extended period of time. An external USB interface can be used to store programs and update software. You can also upload patterns.

  • Head Movement

You can adjust the sewing distance by moving the machine head. The feature significantly improves the quality of work, and the added comfortability will allow the user to focus, preventing pre-mature exhaustion.

  • Laser Positioning

Both the workbench and the preparation platform have a cross-pattern laser positioning device, and it is both more efficient and convenient and has higher efficiency.

  • Locking Sensor

To ensure that the fabric does not get damaged, the machine will immediately stop if there is a problem during sewing.

  • Automated Collection Device

It is easy to fold your clothing automatically, saving you time and effort. It is a bonus feature that streamlines packaging logistics.

  • Pneumatic Feeding

Facilitates handling the garment during sewing.

Jack welcomes customers to inquire about their products using the query form. Visit the website to browse www jacksewingmachine eu to browse the extensive sewing machine collection.




FOXSEW, a professional manufacturer & provider of Special Sewing Machines and Heavy-Duty Sewing Machines, Industrial Sewing Machines, and Cutting Machines, is a proud supplier to the following markets: Special Sewing Machines; Heavy Duty Sewing Machines; Industrial Sewing Machines; Household Sewing Machines.

We are committed to supplying high-quality machines to our customers. FOXSEW has a wide range of sewing machines, including heavy-duty sewing machines, programming pattern sewing machines, special sewing machines, and many other basic models.

FOXSEW’s clients consist of garment sewing industries. Furthermore, cutting machines are also popular with customers worldwide. The manufacturer is the top-most supplier to China with its innovative tape-cutting machines.

On the other hand, household machines are recognized as a staple in North American customers and the European market.

All sewing machines pass through strict quality controls for outstanding performance. FOXSEW also exports to the Middle East, South Asia, East Europe, and other leading markets worldwide.


FX-5810A Features

  • The FX-5810Amachine is designed to reduce the wrinkles in your polo shirts, especially for those who sew visible or invisible T-shirt fronts. You can do all of this with one simple motion!
  • The adjustable presser foot on the FX-5810Aalso allows you to match up to any type/colour angle knives, so there will be no more worries about confusion on what blade goes where.
  • Select it automatically when needed, thanks again to the auto exchange feeding function, which makes sure every fabric gets treated equally without being overworked by itself.
  • The machine can produce up to 2000-2800 pieces per eight hours.
  • FX-5810A sewing machine is perfect for making your shirts, jackets, and more! It’s got a single needle that can be controlled with the mechanical interface on top. This will allow you to sew just about anything without any trouble.
  • It even has an automatic buttonhole feature, so there is no need to worry if they’re not quite big enough or long enough yet.
  • The FX-580A-02 computerized sewing machine can be used for single needle and double blade jobs, making it perfect for your next jacket or skirt. It can easily set different fabrics with ease thanks to its adjustable settings that allow you to change between various styles easily!

For more information on the sewing machine, visit Foxsew. You can also browse the company profile, core values, and aims. Email to submit your queries to the customer support team.



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