Welcome to Stitching Business


Hey folks, this is S.M. Noor-Iqbal stitching business consultant as well as founder and author of this blog, I have more than eighteen years of expertise concerning various stitching industries.

My concern is to educate through this blog to those people who are willing to start a stitching business. Usually, they do not have the proper information.

Here I have shared some points about how to set up the new stitching business, where I have also mentioned machine and equipment details based on stitching product, which will help everyone to understand the business requirement and investment depth.

After education completion, it was a long journey with lots of challenges and difficulties I have learned technical and stitching business fundamentals from my family members who were already into this business.

Later on, I have practiced them while working with the stitching industry and machinery supplier who deals with the various stitching sectors, right here are few names, furniture, uniform, garment, laundry, technical textile, upholstery, automobile, aviation and tents in Asian and African countries.

Overall my job profile became as a stitching business consultant. I used to introduce technology that supported a customer’s project requirement as well as providing them with a solution.

I have described the machine model through its description where it will assist everybody regarding the exact model selection according to the stitching application.

I hope my all blog post will help you all in starting the stitching business.