July 29, 2019

Stitching & Garment Machines

What is the meaning of Stitching Machine?


Stitching & Garment Machines |Essential Guide to select the machines. The process of joining the two different parts of the fabric or stitch-able material with threads through the needle mechanism is called the stitching machine.


What is the meaning of Garments Machinery?


It is easy to understand that the garment means clothing only and machinery is the kind of mechanism which uses to reduce the operator’s workload faster in a more natural way and save time as well.

Ultimately the meaning of garments machinery does not indicate the particular one machine model or equipment.

It could be any machines which involve their contributions into the garments manufacturing process. For example, it could be fusing, ironing, pressing, printing, sewing, cutting, accessories attaching machines etc. That is why it will be called garment machinery.


Stitching & Garment Machines |Essential Guide to select the machines

Stitching & Garments Machines



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Machine Definition & Differences:-


Basic & Advanced Mechanical Machines Definition


The basic machine means a manual mechanical model which required complete operator assistance, also may have them a limited function or feature, therefore within the given period, the workload may not be completed.

The meaning of advanced mechanical machines represents themselves in the semi-automation operated mechanism system, In which some of the machine’s function handled by the pneumatical system to speed up the production but still there won’t be any assurance of the additional features.



Basic & Advanced Industrial Garments Machine’s Differences


The basic industrial stitching machines are operated with the clutch motor in which most of them have a fixed speed limit maximum around 3500 rpm. However, some of them can be controlled manually through the foot pedal only (accelerator).

The clutch motor generally consumes more power, when its power button is on, and it does not matter if the sewing process is running or stopped. This type of clutch motors is only used for a non-computerized stitching machine. Further, the features of all the basic stitching machines are limited. Apart from this, the functions of thread trimming and back tack are manually performed through the operator.

The garment finishing equipment has two types, the first is basic pneumatic, and the other is advanced pneumatic with the semi-automated system.


Stitching & Garment Machines |Essential Guide to select the machines

Clutch Motor


The advanced technology of stitching & garments machines are designed with the computerized and pneumatic systems; hence, the mechanism will be driven through and controlled accordingly.

In every computerized machine having an operating system is programmable, no matter whether it is about any manufacturing process.

The computerized machines are already inbuilt with the energy-saving advanced motor which consumes electricity when only the machine is in operational mode; you may also regulate the speed limit when needed. In this way, any automatic garment and stitching machine produces items with high-quality stitch and finishing.

Stitching & Garment Machines |Essential Guide to select the machines


Computerized machines usually reduce the consumption of time because it has been created with the faster automated and programmable operating systems, so their results come with the impressive properties in comparison to manual mechanical machines.

Further, if any technical issues have occurred during the operating mode, then the computerized machines indicate an error on their control panel screen.

You may also get a lot of features such as automatic thread trimming, back-tacking, speed controller and a power-saving mode, these all programmable and can also be adjusted as well repeated in different stitch-able material according to the requirement.  


To sum up, Stitching & Garment Machines |Essential Guide to select the machines for easy starting business.


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