April 17, 2019

Essential Equipment and Machinery for Garments Manufacturing | Machinery Trader |

Hey, folks! Are you looking forward to build up the stitching unit wherein all the necessary equipment required. It is always made confusion when you have taken already the decision to start up the stitching business, but no idea what to where to and how to buy the equipment and machinery.  Let’s know the way that how this will make it easier and possible. 

First of all it will depend upon your choice of area based on that equipment differ. For example: The small medium stitching sectors are available in this industry hence according to their product line the essential equipment will be required.


Let’s talk about,  If you are planning to start a garment manufacturing set-up on a large or medium scale, then the necessary essential machines and equipment for garments | Machinery for garments | Garments Stitching machinery | Necessary equipment for garments have to be taken first, such as material cutting tables, cutting machines, fabric spreading machines, Steam Boilers with Iron, Rib Cutting, Pattern Designing Software, Finishing Equipment, Embroidery Machine, Heat Transfer Equipment.

Further, if it is a matter of starting a small stitching unit or tailoring shop on medium scale, then still you will need a few essential machines like steam boiler iron, fabric cutting machine, fabric cutting table, these all types of equipment are mandatory to use, if your budget is good enough than recommended for embroidery machine as well. Apart from this, if you require to add a particular any machine model, then it can be added anytime.



Essential Machines and Equipment for garments| Machinery for garments | Garments Stitching machinery | Necessary equipment for garments

Garments Essential Machine & Equipment


So now it is clear that whenever you start any stitching setup, then the essential machine and equipment will have to be taken first at the beginning itself. After that, you can begin adding the sewing machine and other equipment according to your project, whether it is about any clothing product or any stitch-able items. 

Once the stitching business established after that If you want to turn your regular production into higher level or you may like to improve more in your product’s quality, then the advanced machines can be add on.

Following the are essential machines and equipment for garments| machinery for garments | garments Stitching machinery | necessary equipment for garments.



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Steam Generator With Iron:


It is used to eliminate the shrinkage from the garments and give them an elegant look before packaging.

Moreover, various types of steam generators are available in the market and some of them already connected with the iron. Also, it has the option to join the multiple steam irons through a single and double hose pipe mechanism. As per the requirement, you may buy them.


Finishing Equipment:


There are a lot of finishing machines accessible and within that category, different types of model available. It is mostly used according to the various parts of clothes.

Here are the examples, like Foam Finisher, Trouser Finisher, Thread Cleaner, Steamer, Vacuum Table with and without buck, Caller & Cuff Pressing Machine, Stain Remover,  etc.


Fabric Cutting Machine:


It used to cut the fabric materials. Often, peoples are uses a couple of primary cutting machine’s models, one of them is Round Kinfe, and the other is straight knife cutter, they are quite easy to operate. Most of the large scale manufacturer uses the fully automatic programmable cutting machine, that is also simple to exploit the system, and it gives the outcome fast with the quality.


Pattern Designing Software /CAD

(Computer-Aided Design System)


Through the CAD system, you can easily create any stitch-able product’s pattern in various sizes before the cutting process. This kinds of a system may save the wastage of material, and it can be used to store the client’s data for the repeat orders.


Fabric Spreader Machine:


Before the fabric is cut, the operator will first spread the bundle of material on the cutting table. Also, he will have to keep a full vigil that all the corners of the fabric have been appropriately set. This work takes a little more time.

But through the automatic spreading machine, all this work is easily done with perfection in a short time.

There are different kinds of manual and automatic spreader machines are available in the market.


Embroidery Machine:


The embroidery machine means a design creator through the threads.

The multi-needle computerized machine creates a countless design with the help of particular software. At another side, the manual embroidery machine needs an experienced operator, who will also sketch first then perform stitching on the fabric material.



Fusing Machine:


The fusing machine concept is that it is used to joint two different kinds of fabric materials with the heating element. One of them is a canvas material, which is slightly harder than the fabric; it is used mostly for the shirt’s collar and cuffs.

Such fabric material is affixed through the heating system of a fusing machine. The Fusing machines have two types, such as belt rolling other is flap-type.

There is a difference in infusing quality. The flap-type fusing’s quality is much higher than the belt rolling fusing.



Heat Transfer Equipment:


Throughout this machine, the print of the designed stickers can be transferred on the garments. This process is done by the machine’s heating element.

(it is recommended for the T-shirt and various garments)



Rib Cutting Machine:


It is used to cut the width of a specific fabric which is recommended for the T-shirt neck binding.




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