May 9, 2020

Black Disposable Face Mask Most Profitable Business : Ultimate Guide


How Start A Disposable Face Mask Manufacturing Business?



Hey Readers! You would have already been aware of the Black Disposable Face Mask Most Profitable Business during this COVID-19 pandemic. The deadly Corona Virus has taught us the necessity of masks to keep ourselves safe. Even healthcare professionals and surgeons prefer wearing this mask to avoid contact with any form of microbial organisms. Whether we talk about Asian countries, or all across the world, there always remains the increased utilization of masks.

There has always been a demand for disposable face mask, surgical face masks and N95 Mask, but it has increased a lot over the past few months. Even the directives passed by the government cleared the mandatory utilization of face masks while going outside of the houses. The masks are made from non-woven fabric material with either a two-layer or three-layer format. It is equipped with the capability of filtering bacteria and aerosol particles and is extremely helpful against the air born diseases. 

The entrepreneurs and the business-oriented individuals are targeting the settlement of the manufacturing units concerned with the production of disposable surgical masks. There exist numerous reasons for the settlement of this business including the least business revenue investment. The article hereby discusses the entire business model concerning the manufacturing of disposable surgical face masks. 


Black Disposable Face Mask, Black Disposable Face Mask



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How to Start the Disposable Surgical Face Mask Business:




Black Disposable Face Mask Business Plan



  • Deciding the business strategy


There must be a specific business strategy for starting this face mask manufacturing business. The point can be thought about considering the raw materials for the business, deciding the overall production per day/ month, the appointment of the skilled and unskilled manpower, resources, and several others. 


  • Deciding about the category of face mask production


The disposable face mask production involves four different series of ASTM certifications. The manufacturer or the business person should better decide about all four mask categories. 


  1. Minimum protection masks are meant for the shortest procedures without the involvement of any fluid, or aerosol. 
  2. Level 1 mask is meant to cover up low-risk situations. 
  3. Level 2 is the next upgraded level that acts moderately against unwanted microbes. It holds low fluid resistance up to 120mmHG.
  4. Level 3 masks have high fluid resistance up to 160mmHG with heavy exposure to fluid or aerosols. 


  • Availability of Non-Woven Fabric


The entrepreneurs must ensure the bulk availability of non-woven fabric with the best bacteria and microbes filtration capability. To make them available inside the own manufacturing plant, there must be plenty of polypropylene/ polycarbonate/polyethene or polyester.  


  • Availability of experienced manpower

It will be feasible to appoint experienced manpower for integrating the available resources to make them useful masks. It will be mandatory to make the 1masses in the multi-layered structure by covering a textile layer on the upper side followed by coating non-woven fabric on both sides. 


  • Ensuring the approximation of mask filtering level


The appointed personnel should ensure the availability of two filtering layers for filtering out the bacteria, and other microbes at above 1-micron density. All the capability depends upon the physical properties of the fibre including its shape, and other properties. It will be helpful to quote that the masks are integrated into the non-woven via the available bobbins. Finally, the layering and sterilizing process is carried on. 


  • Passing through the stages of testing:


It is mandatory to examine the safety of the masks in different situations. The testing processes include:

  • Bacteria filtration efficiency in vitro (BFE).
  • The efficiency of the minute particle filtration.
  • Analyzing the breathing resistance.
  • Analyzing the splash resistance for ensuring the contamination of the liquid.
  • Flammability test of the disposable masks for examining the resistance against fire.  


  • Adhering to the government standards


One must understand the norms of government concerning the settlement of the plants, using the fabrics, approaching the suppliers, production of goods, and several others. It will be risky to start the mask manufacturing process without knowing the government norms. As you are directly dealing with the public and the front-end warriors in the form of surgeons, you must be extra attentive before the manufacturing process. 


  • Analyzing the competitor’s market


It will be great to analyze the competitors in the domain and settle up the manufacturing plant. Better production equipment, skilled manpower, raw materials, and location, enhanced will be the capability to flourish under the domain. Moreover, establish your strong online presence as well to let people know about your business online. Also, implement the needful online marketing strategies to reach the mass majority.   



Wholesale Suppliers for the Black Disposable Face Mask Business


Interested business individuals can approach wholesale suppliers either online or offline. The sites including,,,, and, provide a huge list of suppliers for the disposable face mask business. Go ahead in arranging all the raw materials in bulk via the available names of suppliers all across the world. Even, the payment processes are easier from any geographic location. The individuals can even go for cash on delivery-like options and remain risk-free in the business. 



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The basic equipment comes forward by the name of non-woven fabric material, face mask-making machines as per the requirements, bobbins, synthetic threads, feeders, manual earloop welding machines, mask testing kits for examining the level of filtration, and several others. The purchase of the concerned machinery will enable the manufacturing process of the disposable masks as per the requirements. The complete tutorials on the production of disposable face masks can even be accessed via the free video tutorials available online. 



Here are a few details of the automatic surgical face mask machine: 


  1. Disposable Face Mask Ear Loop Welding Machine.
  2. Non-Woven Face Mask Making Machine.
  3. 3 Ply Face Mask Making Machine.
  4. KN95 Automatic Mask Machine. 
  5. KF94 Automatic Fish-Mouth Mask-Making Machine. 
  6. KN95 Semi-Automatic Mask-Making Machine.
  7. Flat Mask Full-Automatic Machine. 







The Black Disposable Face Mask, disposable face mask and surgical face mask disposable business is inclining the entrepreneurs to settle a manufacturing plant at any of the world’s locations. The COVID-10 Pandemic has made the entire world affected leading to an enormous increase in the production of such masses. In case we talk about the common people, infected people or even the frontline doctors and surgeons these masks are necessary for everyone. Go ahead with the business and achieve the milestone of creating enormous business revenue in the least available time. 

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