September 2, 2019

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Home Textile & Curtains Manufacturing Setup


How to start your own home textile and luxury window curtains business? Stylish home decor Ideas business online:

When it comes to home textiles and door curtains, the only thought is that it will be one of the items of home decoration. Yes, it’s right.

I will not talk about all the decoratives accessories since many items contribute to home decoration. Moreover, one of them is the pillowcase, bed-sheets, Mattress and curtains are also part of the home decoration.

If we focus on the stitching part, then most of the stitching methods are common in all these kinds of products.

The home textile industry has more potential and profitability, like some of the other stitching sectors, and ultimately it will depend upon the manufacturer that how they will scale it.



Setup Tour for Home Textile Curtains Business



  • Deciding the location


Unlike any other similar category of business, the home textile curtains business requires a sufficient geographical space based on several factors. The land area needs to be adequate for launching textile manufacturing plants. Furthermore, there must have provisions for the office and residential setups. Last, but not the least, the land area must be free from unnecessary land-based disputes to avoid further hassles. It would be better to get the same established in the populated area for getting maximum business exposure. 


  • Business Registration:


No matter whether you are taking forward the online or the offline business, the vital factor is the business registration via the sources. The government norms need to be followed and the business establishment protocols must also be maintained. The requisite fee structure can further get verified followed by the concerning payments. After getting the business registered, you can feel free from any further legal hassles. 


  • Appointing the Manpower:


The business budget matters, but the needful appointment of the skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled manpower still plays a vital role. Better the manpower, strengthened will be the probability of quality output in terms of the curtains. Accordingly, there will be increased business demand of the product all across letting you earn decent business revenue. The initiatives need to be taken forward via the job advertisement processes and taking the in-campus/ off-campus interviews as well.


  • Taking the expert’s opinion:


It is recommended to move ahead with the expert’s opinion and fulfil the needful desirables. The opinion may come forward in the sense of buying the worthy types of machinery, appointing the employees based on educational qualifications, experience, and streams, business assumptions for future years, and several others. It is advisable to get in touch with the expert consultants in the domain and finally decide the further need. 


  • Buying worthy types of machinery:


The pieces of machinery for making the home textile curtains need to be purchased from the trusted machinery suppliers. The machines will include diverse availabilities such as the hemming machine, lockstitch machine, punch machine, bar tack machine, and several others. Moreover, there will be the requirement of buying the bobbins, threads of different kinds, and the associated accessories. 


  • Manufacturing Initiation and Product Generation:


Soon after establishing the plants (either in the small, or the large scale), it is recommended to start the business and distribute the product accordingly. Generate the business channel via different available sources, make a targeted consumer base, and develop a habit to distribute the sample pieces. Get to decide with the business process, and ensure the sufficient supply of the product. In case the product showcases quality, there will be an increased demand for the same among the community, for further orders. 




  • Establishing the Online Business Presence:


The online business presence can be ensured via different mediums including blogs, YouTube channels, social media pages, and several others. The prime target is to strengthen the business marketing channel and globalize the distribution networks. There must also be sufficient provision of purchasing the product via the available buying option and the flexible payment mode availability. The flexibility in the payment option can even attract buyers from different areas all across the world. 




  • Regular income generation with a full-time business opportunity.
  • Least investment with heavy business returns every single day.
  • Opportunity to make your business a brand and globalize sales. 
  • Easy to establish a social presence and making a decent consumer base.
  • Easy to contact the wholesalers and the retailers for increased sales. 
  • Long term and never-ending business with assured profit. 




Furthermore, the same rules will be implemented to startup textile manufacturing business, home textile business, mattress manufacturing business and curtains business. like other stitching industries, and you have to follow them.



Learn: How to start your own home textile and luxury curtain business? Stylish home textile business online, textile manufacturing business.

Home Textile & Curtains




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What are the requirements for Home Textile & Curtain Production?


Here I have also introduced some advanced technology which helps in expediting the production as well improve more in quality.


Following are the machines and equipment that will be used in their manufacturing process is.



Curtain Manufacturing Unit:-

If you want to get started curtain making unit with minimalist investment, you will need some experienced workers and basic machinists.

Following are the machines and equipment details for production.



Curtains Machine & Equipment:


                        Required Machines Description:

  1. Single-Needle Lockstitch Machine. Flatbed (Basic/Advanced)
  2. Three Threads Overlock Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  3. Blind Stitch Machine for Heming. (Basic)
  4. Manual Curtain Eyelet Punch Machine. (Basic)
  5. Single-Needle Bar-tack Machine. (Basic/Advanced)



Advanced Automation for Curtains:


                       Required Machines Description:

  1. Automatic Double Needle Lockstitch with Conveyor Belt System for Curtain Tape Attaching Machine.
  2. Automatic Single Needle Blind Stitch Machine with Conveyor Belt System for Curtain Hemming.
  3. Automatic Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine for Curtain Pinch Pleats Single and Double with Curtain Adjustable Hook Feed System.
  4. Fully Automatic Lock Stitch Machine for Curtain Pinch Pleats with Single, Double and Triple with Curtain Adjustable Hook Feed System.
  5. Hydraulic Punch Ring Press Machine for Curtain.
  6. Programmable Automatic Cutting Machine for Curtain.





Home Textile Manufacturing Unit:-

Although home textiles include table cloths and rugs, their manufacturing methods and equipment are somewhat different.


Note: Here we have introduced only stitch-able home textile products.



Pillow Machine & Equipment:


Pillowcase Stitching & Cushion Filling Machine.

                        Required Machines Description:

  1. Single Needle Lockstitch Machine with Edge Trimmer. (Advanced)
  2. Double-Needle Four Threads Overlock Machine. (Basic/Advanced),
  3. Pillow & Cushion Automatic Weighing & Filling Machine.
  4. Pillow Packing Machine.



Bed Sheet Machine & Equipment:


                     Required Machines Description:

  1. Single Needle Lockstitch Machine with Edge Trimmer. (Advanced)
  2. Three-Needle Five Thread Flatlock Machine. (Basic)
  3. Double-Needle Four Threads Overlock Machine. (Basic/Advanced)
  4. Bed Sheet Printing Machine. (Optional)
  5. Bed Sheet Folding & Packing Machine. (Optional)
  6. Fully Automatic Bed Sheet Sewing, Cutting and Packing Machine. (Optional)




Note: The mattress manufacturing is the large-scale business, therefore required all the advanced machine and equipment.



Mattress & Mattress Sheet Machine & Equipment:


Mattress Sheet Machine              


                  Required Machines Description:

  1. Automatic Multi Needle Quilting Machine.
  2. Straight Knife Cutting Machine.
  3. Border Cutting Machine.
  4. Single Needle Unison Feed Lock Stitch Machine with Piping Folder.
  5. Automatic Flange Stitching Machine.
  6. Automatic Single Needle Lock Stitch Decorative Machine.



Mattress Machine:


                  Required Machines Description:

  1. Automatic Foam Cutting Machine.
  2. Automatic Foaming Machine.
  3. Tape Edging Stitching Machine with Auto Flipping.
  4. Auto Stitching Machine for Pillow Top.
  5. Spring Machine.
  6. Automatic Packing Machine for Mattress.



To sum up, how to start your own home textile and luxury curtain business? Stylish home textile business online, textile manufacturing business. Follow the stitching business plan.


Home Textile & Curtains