January 18, 2020

Non Woven Fabric Bag Making Business | Carry Bags Business | Non Woven Bag |

Non woven bags business, non woven fabric bag business, carry bags business, eco-friendly bags business, with consistent worries in the safeguard of the environment and greeneries, the traditional polythene bags are being banned all across the country. The government along with the citizens is showing their responsibilities for not using such bags in the day to day routine.

The situation led to the enormous production of non-woven carry bags and motivates the business persons to execute this non-woven carry bags business in full flow. Even the global business market looks after this initiative to generate huge revenue in the least possible time.  

Non-woven carry bags are completely biodegradable and made up of the combination of the short and long-form fibres. The bags cannot be considered waterproof in nature but proves to be the safest substitutes for carrying the materials. Either we talk about the general ration stores, shopping malls, or any other business stores, all the people are bound to use the non-woven carry bags due to strict government directives.  

Owing to the dependency of the people on such bags, there lies a great scope in the associated business perspectives. The beneficial features including recyclable in nature, breathability, auto degradable on exposure to sunlight, and non-production of poisonous gases while combustion makes the product iconic in all aspects. Non woven bags, business, non woven fabric bag business, carry bags business, eco-friendly bags business helps the investors gain government subsidy as well in addition to the minimum business investments. Let us understand the business prerequisites in detail. 



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How to Start the Non-Woven Bags Business | Non-Woven Fabric Bag Business | Carry Bags Business | Eco-Friendly Bags Business :

Non woven bags business, non woven fabric bag business, carry bags business, eco-friendly bags business never demands the engagement of a large number of workers for the process. The availability of even one or two skilled persons will fulfil the requirements. The business machines take care of the entire responsibilities from manufacturing to product development processes. Similar to other business strategies, this business also employs almost similar sets of processes.

The business initiates from analyzing the minimum business necessities and fulfilling the same. Obviously, this business requires some of the machinery setups along with the place of setting up the entire system. As per the research and reports, the standard manufacturing, development, and distribution processes require the investment of at least 20 to 50 lakhs as per the buying potentials. The other expenses depend upon the quality of the machines, hiring the skilled manpower, purchasing the quality raw materials, and some other factors. 




Non woven bags business | non woven fabric bag business | carry bags business | eco friendly bags business

Non-Woven Carry Bag


Requirements to Start the Non-Woven Carry Business:

Machines are the greatest requirements to initiate the non-woven carry bag business. Moreover, there exist the requirements of productive manufacturing plant setup, financial investment, hiring the skilled manpower, and associated business factors. The business growth depends upon purchasing the super functional and highly productive machinery for hassle-free production of the carry bags. 


  1. New Woven Bag Making Machine: This machine setup caters to the requirements of fabric cutting after going through the rollers phase. Size of the fabric matters for giving the final touch to the carry bags. It becomes difficult to initiate further production processes without this machine setup.
  2. Auto Handle Sealing Machine: The bags are of no use without the handle attachment. This machine fulfils the same requirement and helps in productive attachment of the handles to the non-woven carry bags. The machine helps in generating the hydraulic pressure of the attachment process. Finally, the bag gets the original outlook for the distribution processes. 
  3. Sealing Machine Type.
    Handel Sealing Machine.Handel Fixing Machine.Handel Punching machine. Stitching machine. Non-woven fabric cutting machine.
  4. Printing Machine: Printing the needful designs on the bag fabric matters a lot for the distribution processes. The manufacturers print the designs by default, or the customers even demand the designs as per their requirements. For example, the cloth supplier will prefer the cloth outlook like imprints, and the sweet and beverage supplier will ask for the concerning designs. This printing machine fulfils all such requirements and makes the bag ready for distribution without any doubts.
  5. Roller: This is actually the printing machine roller that helps in making the bag fabric straight. More straight the bag fabric, much attractive will be the external exposure when passed to the customers. 


After fulfilling all the above machinery requirements, the bags get ready for supply. The concerned department or the group of people packs the carry bags together and get them ready for further supplies. 

In addition to the above, there are some additional requirements for this business. Let us have a look on the same with the following list of points:-


Business Location: The business requires the employment of the biggest types of machinery for a smoother flow of the business. Obviously, there will be a compatible location requirement and the approximate land area should be about at least 1500 sq ft. A warehouse-like setup will also help to carry on the business processes. 

Business Registration Process: It is mandatory to follow the government protocols for setting up and executing the full-fledged non-woven carry bag business. It is better to contact the local district administration and understand the entire legal requirements for hassle-free operations.

Business Capital Requirement: Types of machinery are the primary source of investment to initiate the business. The machines are expensive and require huge investments. The expense of purchasing the pieces of machinery can go on around 25k USD to 50k depending upon the quality and machinery suppliers. 

Moreover, you need a needful capital for buying the raw materials helpful in the production of the carry bags. Finally, you should have the capital to employ the manpower and reimburse them on monthly basis. 


Types of Carry Bags:


There are different types of non-woven carry bags including the following:-

  • D-Cut bags or flat bags.
  • Rope threading non-woven carry bags.
  • T-shirt style bags with eco-friendly nature.
  • Bags with soft loop handle.
  • Shoe bag empowered with rope threading functionalities. 


All such non-woven carry bags are biodegradable and completely eco-friendly in nature. Even, the government all around the world prefers the uses of such bags over the traditional polythene bags. 





To sum up, there exist the greatest business scopes in the non-woven carry bag business all around the world. Even, the newbie investors can imagine a long term return with the same after one-time successful investment. The government schemes will help you get the maximum percentage of the loan amount making you stress-free from a huge investment process. Go ahead with the business and expect a long term profit. 

Non Woven Carry Bag