May 3, 2019

Top Garments Machine Brands | Best Sewing Machine | Top Brands Sewing Machine

You must have seen in the market that there are plenty of machine brands available. However, we have introduced in this blog only about those whose products are superior and high-performing in the stitching industry, Top Garments Machine Brands, Best Sewing Machine. 

Sometimes we tend to make a compromise with our choices and forced to purchase low-cost products according to the budget.

Once you have taken used or very cheap equipment at the beginning to just a start-up, then you will have to keep more focus on productivity and finishing because the result might not be as expected.

Further, the regular unforeseen maintenance will keep you frustrated.

Here we have shared some of the well-known and reputed machine and equipment, Top Garments Machine Brands, Best Sewing Machine details


Top Garments Machine Brands | Best Sewing Machine 2020

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The Pegasus stitching machine is a name that comes first in the words of people when it comes to the manufacturing of T-shirts and undergarments because of its finishing quality and performance. It can also be used for regular shirts, pants and bed sheet side seams.


The Juki machine is a product that has been mastered in every stitching work, and nowadays, it is also in the domestic sewing machine. The Juki machine is specialised in all kinds of garments, leather, PVC and Tarpaulin materials stitching.

Kansai Special

The Kansai special machines are used for the t-shirt, shirt’s placket and pants waistband stitching. Its some of the machine’s models are also specialised in decorative stitching.


The Brother industrial machine’s expertise in various types of garments and all kinds of fabric as well as leather materials.


The Amfreece machines are specialised in particular garments stitching applications with a unique automation system.


Most Jack machine’s models are inexpensive and reliable. It is dedicated to all kinds of garments products.


The specialisation of the Singer machine is that it is more in the domestic sewing machine nowadays. Earlier it was used to produce machines for industrial requirements.


The machine of Janome brands are mostly in the household sewing machine, and they are the best in their work.


The Vibemac machine is mainly for clothes sewing with its advanced automation system that offers the quickest production with less human effort and most excellent results.

Pfaff  Durkopp Adler,  Seiko

These are the names, when we talk about in the matter of leather products and heavy stitch-able material’s stitching, because these all machines brands are known for their superiority, reliability and high-performance for all kinds of more delicate material stitching with also unique automation system

Sunstar,  Siruba,

These companies are also keeping a wide range of garments machinery, and their machines are available even at affordable prices.


The Hashima is the name in the stitching industry where the company point out their specialisation in fusing finishing quality. However, they have also garments pressing, and inspections machine, which are also famous for the performance and outcome result.


The Oshima machines offer inexpensive equipment since their specialisation is also in garments fusing, pressing and inspections machines.


The Naomoto came up with distinctive qualities products and long-lasting sturdiness with excellent finishing results. They’re specialised in pressing, finishing, and ironing equipment.


Nagaishing is a company that produce a wide range of laundry and all kinds of garments finishing equipment. However, they have also ranked in the market for their specialisation in pressing, fusing, ironing, boiler, and industrial washing machine.


The F3 Fumagalli producing high-quality garments finishing equipment and their products are inexpensive.


When a matter is to cut the garments then the first name comes in people’s words that is Eastman products which are specialised in all kinds of fabric material cutting, spreading and handling systems.


The KM equipment is mainly for all kinds of fabric material cutting only, also their products are inexpensive.

Gerber,   Lectra

If you want to cut the fabric and leather material in a mass number of pieces with perfection in less time then these companies are mastered in providing a complete cutting solution with the full automation system.


The art of creating a design on fabric with perfection in a way that no one can perform efficiently, then you may consider the barudan machine. They have introduced incredible technology in computerised embroidery machines.


If you are looking for a good quality machine at an affordable price then Tajima machines may full fill your expectation. Specialisation in all types of embroidery works.


The SWF machines are quite economical, and their performance may satisfy you. The SWF specialisation in embroidery works.

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