April 25, 2019

How to Start a Garments Business | Starting a Garment Manufacturing Business | Wholesale Garments Business |

Readymade Garments Business | Garments Manufacturing Business | Garments Business online| How to Start a Garments Business | Wholesale Garments Business |



It is most common when you plan to start a stitching business that these kinds of queries come to your mind, How to Start a Garments Business | Readymade Garments Business | Garments Manufacturing Business | Garments Business online.

When people start any business they work consistent with their budget and capability, the truth is there are some ways to start out the clothes business ultimately its depends on the financial ground, product knowledge, and experience if you’ll have.  The clothing product can be selected like, clothing men, stylish clothes for men, women clothing and kids garments, Shirt, T-Shirt Jeans, etc.  Further, If you have any expertise regarding any stitch-able product so that can be considered for setting up the garments company.

I have already clearly specified the way of getting the business in one of my articles, where you’ll get the direction that how business orders come.


The garments factory sounds like a vast manufacturing setup wherein clothing items produced in a mass quantity with a perfect operating system that shows a clear picture of a professional organization.

Usually, for high-volume production, you will have to use advanced machines and equipment. All its systems shall be set up in a great place. As well as completing the target, the quality will be monitored because it becomes part of the product identity, and accordingly, it gets recognization in the markets.




Garments Business Requirements:-



You will also need a considerable number of workers to operates its entire system; therefore it has been advised to follow the business plan, through which you will get the guidance for starting up a clothing factory.

It has been often seen that the garment factories mostly produce a large scale of undergarments, denim jeans, trousers, t-shirts, police and military uniforms.

If you have planned to start the production of police or military uniform, then you have to pay more attention to its every pattern to complete the task because in comparison to ordinary clothes it takes much time to make it.


5U,’4 Police and Military Uniform


Usually, in most of the stitching industry has material cutting, stitching, and finishing departments. It has been observed that large-scale garments manufacturing companies use a perfect production system that has included an advanced machine and equipment, where also the importance of the product’s quality as well as maintaining timely delivery, this is why their employees also perform job responsibility professionally.

All these things are limited to small-scale manufacturing companies, and this does not mean that all those mid-level organizations do not pay attention to the quality and the order delivery, the difference is that they do not have a production system like a mass production company. 

That is why those small entrepreneurs also need to pay more attention to production results, but some of them remain behind to fulfill their commitments.


How To Start A Clothing Manufacturing?


“Most of the following machines and equipment can be utilized commonly for uniform and many different types of garments.”


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Police & Military Uniforms Production System


Material Cutting Section:


                  Machine & Equipment Description:

  1. Pattern Designing Software / CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system
  2. Automatic Fabric Inspection Machine. (Advanced)
  3. Fully Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine. (Advanced)
  4. Fabric Cutting Table. (Advanced)
  5. Computerized Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine. (Advanced)
  6. Fusing Machine. (Advanced)
  7. Fabric Inspection Machine. (Advanced)
  8. Band Knife Cutting Machine. (Advanced)




Stitching Machine Section:


                   Machine & Equipment Description:

  1. Single-Needle Lockstitch Machine. Flatbed (Advanced)
  2. Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine (For Logo). (Advanced)
  3. Double-Needle Welt Pocket Attach Machine. (With Zipper Folder) (Advanced)
  4. Three-Needle Chain Stitch Feed of the Arm Machine with Puller. (Advanced)
  5. Double-Needle Lockstitch Split Bar Machine. (Advanced)
  6. Double-Needle Lockstitch Fixed Bar Machine. (Advanced)
  7. Single-Needle Bar-tack Machine. (Advanced)
  8. Snap Button Attach Machine. (Advanced)
  9. Double-Needle Five Threads Overlock Machine. (Advanced)
  10. Single-Needle Automatic Button Feeder and Attach Machine. (Advanced)
  11. Single-Needle Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine with Indexer. (Advanced)
  12. Single-Needle Eyelet Button Holing Machine. (Advanced)
  13. Single-Needle Bar-tack Machine. (Advanced)
  14. Double-Needle Bottom Cover-stitch Machine for Belt Loop Making. (Advanced)
  15. Double-Needle Automatic Belt Loop Attaching Machine. (Advanced)
  16. Blind Stitch Machine. (Advanced)
  17. Single Needle Lockstitch Machine with Edge Trimmer. (Advanced)
  18. Button Wrapping Machine. (Advanced)
  19. Collar Trimming is Turning and Blocking Machine. (Advanced)





Finishing Machine Section:


                     Machine & Equipment Description:

  1. Centralized Steam Boiler. (Advanced)
  2. Steam Iron. (Advanced)
  3. Vacuum Table with and without the buck. (Advanced)
  4. Thread Cleaning Machine. (Advanced)
  5. Needle Detector Machine. (Advanced)
  6. Stain Remover. (Advanced)
  7. Collar & Cuff Press. (Advanced)




Note: The cutting and some of the finishing equipment can be used commonly for all kinds of garment making purposes, as mentioned in my previous article.

To sum up, How to Start a Garments Business | Readymade Garments Business | Garments Manufacturing Business | Garments Business online. You may require all the equipment and techniques to start these businesses.

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